Lions News · Remembering when Julio Jones was a dunking sensation for Foley High

Former LeFlore High basketball star DeMarcus Cousins made headlines Sunday when he was asked about the greatest dunk he had ever witnessed. The NBA All-Star, who was SEC Freshman of the Year at Kentucky, said the dunk was not in the NBA or even college. And it was delivered by a player who became famous in another sport. It was former Foley great and now NFL star receiver Julio Jones.

“He dunked on one of my teammates,” Cousins said of Jones. “That’s by far the craziest dunk I’ve ever seen. And it was a tip dunk. It was sick. I’m going to say it took about 15, 20 minutes to get the game started back. They rushed the floor. It was crazy. It was a home game for us, too. They rushed the floor. Julio, I mean, Julio’s the man.”

LeFlore went on to win the 2008 game, ending Jones’ basketball career.

While there is no actual footage of the dunk in question, we have the next best thing. On Tuesday morning’s Randy Kennedy Show on Sports Talk 99.5, we were joined by Clark Stewart of Foley’s WHEP Radio. Stewart described the play but promised to share an audio recording of the game after the show.

He did just that and we appreciate him sharing it. It’s entertaining to listen to, especially knowing the superstar that Jones became.

Take a listen and enjoy the mayhem that Jones’ dunk brought to the LeFlore High gym.

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