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Boys Varsity Track, Girls Varsity Track · 2016 Baldwin County Track & Field Championship Results

Total Points for the Lady Lions: 90 total points scored for 5th place in the meet

Quazelia Woodyard – 22pts scored

Joslyn Williams – 14pts scored

Tay Pugh – 10pts scored

Calayshia Buchanan – 8pts scored

Shawnessy Edwards – 7pts scored

Makayla Shoots – 7pts scored

Lamesa Wheeler – 7pts scored

Samara Peterson – 4pts scored

Taylor Duplesis – 3.5pts scored

Trinity Morgan – 3.5pts scored

Alexis Coleman – 1pt scored

Sarah Harvey – 1pt scored

Dee Mickles – 1pt scored

Kiara Nelson – 1pt scored

Total Points for the Lions: 120 total points scored for 3rd place in the meet

Anthony Barboza – 23pts scored

Keldrick Edwards – 22pts scored

Andrew James – 9.25pts scored

Isaac England – 9pts scored

Holden Wilson – 8.25pts scored

Jon Yarbrough – 7pts scored

Will Nevin – 6pts scored

Ty Cosby – 5.25pts scored

Tre Caples – 4pts scored

Lorenzo Richardson – 3.5pts scored

Will Scheetz – 2.25pts scored

Edvard Sletten – 2 pts scored

Lino Izaguirre – 1.25pts scored

Tim Johnson – 1.25pts scored

Jerome Hawkins – 1pt scored

Mike Kaiser – 1pt scored

Jeremiah Pierce – 1pt scored

Mike Mohr – 1pt scored

Noah Shriver – 1pt scored

Zak Showers – 1pt scored